Cheating is not

Who sucks, actually lying, and after a time he will probably lie and to hell he counts. I was hearing this, like a little girl, from my grandmother Yůlinka. The memories of her are sad and painful, perhaps mainly because I was not very nice to her as a girl. She tried to get a lot of luck from me and especially from my brother. She took care of us, prepared breakfast and washed the uniforms for the races, and was preparing everything for the bags. I'm never gonna stop reproach, never.
She won a real cheating
My friend is a traitor, and I'll probably never forgive her. So far I have not forgave her after thirty years. Maybe it would happen, but she never admitted to it, never said she was sorry. She always sought me because I was interesting, and she made good dealings with such people. At first I was attracted by the boys and she was with me, then I rode my bike in Silvini and she was nearby, then I worked as a presenter and she was close again. She always won a real cheating.