Mácha Lake

Mácha Lake is undoubtedly among the most renowned Czech memorabilia. But more than a monument is a recreation centre, which is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of curious tourists.

The region where the most famous Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha was born, where he devoted himself to his work, where he walked daily and where he also studied. Who from the Czech natives would not know Mácha Lake? But not everyone will visit him for his life, so we have an inviting offer for you. Connect a visit to this pilgrimage site with a holiday holiday that you are guaranteed to relax. Our tourist complex will be available to you for an arbitrarily long pre-arranged period.

Elite Old Splavy

Elite Old Splavy is our luxury holiday resort, near which is the famous Mácha lake. Come on holiday or on a onlyjust trip. You can rest like that.