A meal, Ready-to-eat or simply known as MRE is the emergency survival supply for the military. MREs are also available to the civilians just that they are for commercial use and in comparison their packaging is different. Sale of Military MREs is not allowed as it is considered against federal laws whereas civilian MREs are safe for sale. A meal, ready to eat contain a good variety of entrees and other food components which have high calories and fulfills their nutritional requirements, boosting their energy.

MRE packages designed for Military in India are different in comparison from the countries around the world. The readymade meal packaged for the military especially modernized version of MREs which are basically pre-cooked thermo-stabilized entrees that are wrapped in plastic foil in a durable easy to carry pouch.

MREs for Civilian use:

MREs for civilians are mostly manufactured to its usage at the time of national disasters or calamities like hurricanes, floods, landslides etc that causes great damage, casualties, and inconveniences for the people stuck there which makes incapable to even fulfill their basic necessities for survival. MREs produced for civilians come handy here. These are an essential part of survival kit aside meds and aid during such times and following are the top reasons to Eversafe MREs.

Top Reasons to buy MREs:

  • It has an easy approach and is ready to eat food which is very for people running on busy schedules and doesn’t have time to cook for themselves.
  • MREs are convenient and completely cooked ready for food that you can grab on and eat and is a better option in comparison to frozen food which isn’t very healthy and requires time to cook.
  • MREs have extended shelf life which makes them long lasting and its flavor also remains the same over time and is better than canned food if supplied from trusted and reputable source.
  • Nutritional value and contents and packing date are mentioned on the bag for the people in case they are allergic to any content, they can view it first and to ensure its expiry hasn’t passed.
  • It is portable and does not require refrigeration to store it. They are durable food supplies used for military and distributed to people during natural calamities.

Although MREs were originally designed as compact meal supplies for the military application later these were made accessible for a variety of civilian consumption just like during any calamities or natural disasters.

Top reasons to buy MRE’s and its utility in emergency survival