The past decade has been redefining moment in the world of entertainment. The traditional cable TV has to absorb huge blow of online streaming players like Amazon prime, HBO Go, Hulu and 123movies. Viewership for online streaming is increasing day by day and whereas cable TV is declining slowly and steadily, thanks to faster internet and mobile connectivity, which has transformed the way, we watch our favourite streaming shows.

Pros and cons of Cable TV

The following are the list of pros and cons of cable TV services.

  1. Let us be honest, though online streaming shows are in large number but not as many shows what you get on TV channels.  The cable companies are wooing customers with attractive packages extending from 20 to several hundred channels. The deal works better if you live in an area where there is no internet connectivity.
  2. No one provides entire leading sport channel packages like Cable TV, especially if you are sport enthusiast. Highly unlikely streaming online platforms offer.
  3. The cons of cable TV is their cost. The packages are expensive and keep increasing with every year. The packages include channels of other languages that you do not even watch but have to pay. This is why people think streaming services do better.

Pros and cons of Online Streaming

  1. Online streaming services are flexible. No annual contracts, no termination fee, you are allowed to sign up or cancel, as you want. Portability, ease of signing up offered by Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Netflix are highly popular in attracting new customers.  The younger generation consume content on the go; they like to watch engaging content unlike what is being catered in traditional cable TV.
  2. Streaming online services offers plenty of online streaming shows with exceptional content and creativity, which traditional channels still struggle.  Streaming services are cheap comparatively to cable TV. Decent broadband connection and Smartphone with app is all you need to watch your shows or movies.
  3. Streaming shows comes with choices and recommendation as per our taste and streaming services allow you to view those shows you prefer to watch by subscribing them. The con of streaming shows is that it can cause addiction habits to watch overly and might disrupt your sleep pattern, interfere with your work, disturb your mind and can even cause depression.


Think it through and think over all the best deal-breaker shows you love to watch. Check wisely, if it is available in cable TV or online streaming services. Today people have both cable TV and internet access and use mix of both for entertainment. However, considering the costs and other factors you should be able to pick what works for you.

Which is a better deal: Cable TV or Online Streaming?