Have you ever faced the situation of account hacking? If yes, then you know that how it can affect you. There are many things which can be the reason for your account hacked. Here in the post, we will discuss some of the things which can help you to know about those reasons which can lead to getting your account hacked. It is a burning question among people that how to recover an IG account and there are many websites which will help you to know about it.

By taking help from those sites, you can easily get your account back. So take the best use of those sites and solve your issues. One of the best sites to help you recover your instagram account is www.instaport.net. But it is better to know first that what the reasons behind your account are got hacked and banned.


Numbers of reasons are there which can lead to letting the Instagram account hacked. By knowing all these issues, you can take help and can make you safe from hacking. Those reasons are:-

Hacker’s hobby

You will find many people around you who are stuck in the computer world to hack the accounts. Those hackers usually do these kinds of activities to hack the accounts of the people as it is the hobby of them. It is a reason which let the accounts of the people get hacked.


It is the most common reason which makes the account get hacked by the people. People who are jealous of the other person or having an issue with them usually do these activities. They do these activities and take revenge from the people.


Sometimes people used to do it when they come into the obsession. It normally happens in the teen stage, Students have the crush on the other person, and it gets turns into the obsession which can lead the obsessed person to hack the account.

Parent’s satisfaction

The parent does usually do these things when they have doubt on their children. They do these things to keep an eye on their children’s activity and watch out their each and every step. They don’t have any wrong intention for it, but they used to do these activities to take their lives on track.

Ending words

Hope that now you got it that why the IG accounts get hacked. Now you can take help from the other sites and get to know that how to recover an IG account and take the best use of it and enjoy. 

Why your account gets hacked?